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Gemma's experience working at design and advertising agencies over the years means she comes with big brand experience that can be applied to any business or marketing project. What makes her unique is her attitude. She takes the ego out of advertising to deliver creative and practical results for clients big and small, without the 'Madmen' cliché. Gemma is honest in both her work and pricing, or if you simply want some advice. She is passionate about creative and still does it for love. And if you're thinking your project is too big, be assured that the relationships built within the industry mean Gemma has big agency resources to call upon in all areas of advertising. 

Creative Thinking


Need an idea? That's what makes moths flutter! Whatever the media choice, press, outdoor, online, experiential, social, or you're not quite sure, Moth Creative will seek out the light bulb.

Marketing Collateral


Point of sale, posters, brochures, flyers, direct mail, packaging, installations, invitations; however you communicate with your customers, Moth Creative will ensure the message is clear and strengthens the image of your brand.



From your email signature to your website, web banners to social media, we can design how you appear to the online world so that it truly reflects your brand position and story.

Brand Identity


Refresh your brand and provide a strong and clear visual 

communication to your customers through every touch point.



Moth Creative can organise creative or product photography of the highest standards, including the management of pre-production and retouching.



When you're communicating through words, creating a visual in the mind is just as important as in the eye. Thus, copy is just as important to Moth Creative.

Logo design

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