• Gemma Waite

Please design with the end purpose in mind!

My husband and I went to a nice restaurant the other day and ordered the degustation. It was 'date-night' and we picked a restaurant we had never been to.

The food was undeniably interesting and delicious! But what annoyed us both throughout the evening was the menu.

Normally, you'd look at the menu, choose your meal and never look again. But as this was a degustation, we referred to it throughout the evening. There was not much to this menu, but what there was was right aligned.

I'm all for doing things a little differently but this was just plain annoying as we kept on picking it up upside-down! It happened almost every time! It was one of rare occasions where a designers graphic design decision had impacted me in a real world situation, and actually had a negative effect on the evening.

So, when you're thinking about designing something, please think about the end-use. Design that is not practical for it's end use, isn't good design.

Note: Restaurant logo has been removed


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