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The washing can wait.

'Working-from-home' used to be a buzz-word. A desired 'flexible working' arrangement that helped with the morning rush, school drop-off and encouraged mothers to return to work.

Now, everyone is doing it - and has to do it - and people are struggling!

So here are some tips for working from home, and keeping productive, in this crazy time.

1. The washing can wait.

Just because you are home, does not mean you are all of a sudden responsible to doing that washing you haven't got around to yet, or folding, or emptying the dishwasher. Don't get sucked into the thought that you will be more productive if you clean first. If you wouldn't do it from work, don't do it now. If the house is a mess when your partner gets home (assuming you're not both at home), it means you've been super productive. Well done you!

2. Don't, just don't turn on the TV.

It may be lunchtime, but that doesn't mean the TV can get turned on. The TV is a supreme time-sucker, and time-waster. Just don't turn it on. This is not an opportunity to catch up on that show you missed, or even the latest Corona update. Save it for after work. It will still be there.

3. PJs are not the new black.

While it might be nice to sleep in a bit and save some time getting ready for work, don't work in your PJs. You will work better if you feel like you are at work. And you will feel like you are at work if you are dressed, at least casually, for work.

4. The couch is not a good place to work.

Whether it's a desk or a dining table, make sure you have space to work where you are not adjusting every 5 minutes because you are uncomfortable. If you're on a laptop, don't use your lap. Prop up your laptop onto some books and get a wireless keyboard so you are not hunched over your laptop screen. A mouse is helpful too depending on the work you do. You could be working like this for 2 weeks so you need your back to last.

5. Stay connected

Working from home can be isolating - that's the point, right? But feeling isolated doesn't feel good. So, instead of an email, try a phone call or Skype instead (see getting dressed was a good idea) especially if it's to a work colleague - they will probably be feeling the same.

6. Lists can help

If you're struggling to get motivated, right yourself a to-do list. Crossing them off is motivating in itself, and it can also help you plan your day.

7. Caffeine is good

Take a coffee or tea break in between jobs. Yes, it's okay to take a break just as you would in an office. Just don't get too distracted in the kitchen - remember point 1. The washing can wait.

Got any other suggestions? Let me hear them! We are all in this thing together.

Stay healthy.


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