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Our Services

If you need big brand experience, for the fraction of the cost, then Moth Creative is for you. I'd love to help you transform your business and sing your brand from the rooftops to all your customers.

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From start-ups to old brands that need a refresh, we can help you look the part including logos, photography, tone of voice/language, colours, typography, iconography and design 


Whether it's for digital or print, outdoor, radio, social; or an idea that spans them all, we can help your brand shine through the clutter to help communicate your brand story or messaging in the right way. 


Need some marketing material? Posters, brochures, point of sale, flyers, signage, packaging, installations, web banners, websites, social; whatever your flavour, we'll craft your work to ensure your brand and message is communicated clearly and effectively.


Are you an agency needing an extra set of hands? I'm also available for freelance work.

Send me an email, let's get to know each other.


"Rarely does a designer appreciate the brief from the client’s perspective in such a way that they deliver creative that absolutely nails the client’s brand and strategically targets their audience to deliver the message on time and on budget."


"Gemma may be at her best when conceptualising and developing ideas. But she also has a brilliant eye for design direction and the ability to develop and enhance an idea through her designs."


"Gemma is, as her name states, a gem; a rare and precious one at that. And like all gems, she is multifaceted and worth her weight in gold. Smart, insightful and incredibly talented, Gemma not only knows her way around a shoot, but delivers the goods on print, experiential, outdoor, digital and radio."

ROY FAULKNER  |  RADvertising

I had a major pitch to a supermarket chain and asked advice from Gemma to look over the branding and graphics. I cannot overstate the impact that she had on this project! I thought she would just look at basic graphics but her food packaging advice, branding concepts and ideas, attention to detail and responsiveness was EPIC.


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